The Loquercio Family, in conjunction with the Bob Loquercio Auto Group, formed the Loquercio Family Foundation to support those who are transforming the lives of others through education, serving and protecting our communities, securing a clean, inhabitable environment, and defending our country. Utilizing the resources our personal successes have provided us, our goal is to help facilitate a future that is safe and clean and where everyone has the freedom to pursue opportunities to lead a fulfilling life.


From providing vocational and STEM training to supporting first responders and the military to educating inner city or at-risk children, we support a multitude of organizations to create stronger communities to have a lasting impact. In partnership with the 15 individual dealerships that make up the Bob Loquercio Auto Group, we have supported hundreds of local organizations in Northern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana. We know that empowering the people whom we call neighbors and friends is the best investment we could ever make.


The Loquercio Auto Group proudly supports the push for EVs (electric vehicles) to replace those with combustion engines. Alternative lower emissions vehicles (those with no tailpipe emissions) are a step in the right direction for the environment, as tailpipe emissions are an alarmingly significant contributor to climate change. Additionally, fossil fuels are a limited natural resource, which means it is merely a matter of time before using them will no longer be a viable energy option. At all of our dealerships, we sell and service EVs and PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles). As part of our commitment to the community and nature, we are in the process of donating and planting 100 trees as part of the beautification of Bartlett.


The Loquercio Family Foundation proudly supports the athletes of the Special Olympics. We believe in the human spirit and the transformative power and joy of sport.

As a longtime friend of retired Secretary of State Jesse White, the Loquercio Family Foundation is honored to support the Jesse White Tumblers, which was started in 1959to provide a positive alternative for inner-city kids. The team consists of male and female participants as young as age 6.

Baseball is America's pastime: The Bob Loquercio Auto Group supports the Elgin, Schererville and Streamwood youth baseball, whose mission is to provide life-long learning experiences for our community's children through the joy of baseball. These learning experiences include good sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, friendship, physical exercise, respect, and goal achievement.


Each year, the Loquercio Family Foundation and the Bob LoquercioAuto Group participate in the Marine Toys for Tots Program, whichhas been delivering a message of hope to less fortunateyoungsters since 1947. Across all our dealerships, we collect newunwrapped toys and distribute those toys to less fortunatechildren at Christmas.Everyone needs a safe place to stay. That is why the LoquercioFamily Foundation supports PADS of Elgin, who provides shelterand meals to men, women and children in the Elgin Area.


The Navy and the Marines support those who are sworn to protect us from America's foes. The Loquercio Family Foundation stands with our military service members, veterans, and their families as part of a nation of unwavering support.

The Loquercio Family Foundation proudly supports St. Ignatius College Prep Scholarship of Service in honor of Lieutenant Commander Erik Kristensen (SEAL). Erik was tragically killed in Afghanistan in 2005 during the attempted rescue of fellow SEALs. His ultimate sacrifice in Service to Others will never be forgotten.

In addition, the Loquercio Family Foundation supports the 100 Club of Illinois that provides resources, immediate financial support, access to training, and moral support to the families of first responders killed in the line of duty. All sworn state, county and local first responders stationed in Illinois are included. For protecting our communities, the Loquercio Family Foundation is humbled to support the 100 Club.

More Organizations We Are Proud to Support